Doctor Moo

Missing Episodes Found!

The sad truth is, all the episodes of this series were missing, lying forgotten and neglected at the bottom of a cluttered stationery cupboard. They were first drawn in the dim and distant past by a young, slightly demented artist and Doctor Who enthusiast. The artist in question is now much older and more demented, but we are happy to announce that a number of episodes, once feared lost or destroyed, still exist in grainy black and white pencil.

Some loving restoration will be required if these episodes are ever to be released for public enjoyment, but for now we are posting this hastily snapped digital reprint as evidence of their recovery. At some point in the future it is our hope to feature some of the stories here in their full restored – and perhaps even legible – glory, at which point we are confident that many will agree they should have remained lost.



SAF 2013


Ode To Twitter

There are some fine and lovely people on Twitter. This is dedicated to the other sort.

(aka Ode To Lumps Of Green Putty I Find In My DM Folder On A Daily Basis)

Sing along to the tune of the Friends theme:


So no-one told you
Some tweeps would be this slack
Facebook’s a joke
You poke
And never get poked back

Maybe I’m real, maybe I use an app
I might be software, what we call
A bot
But wait!
Here come the claps, and

I DM’ed at you
Saying, “Please buy my book.”
I DM’ed at you
Saying, “Just take a look.”
I DM’ed at you
Just cos spam’s what we do

You’re on the internet
You’re wasting lots of time
You’ve followed some nice profiles
And then you followed mine
But no-one warned you
There’d be tweeps like us
Who just follow you and then
Send links to books
And make you cuss, and

I’ll be there for you
If you’ll just buy my book
I’ll be there for you
Go on, please, take a look
I’ll be there for you
(Though that might not be true)

No-one could ever know us
No-one could ever see us
Cos we’re the only ones who know
If we’re real or lifeless
We’re here to make it less fun
Spoil it for all the nice ones
Like a TWeetstream case of the runs
Even at our best we’re onenists, yeah

So you thought Twitter was the place to meet
I know I haven’t returned an
Or even Retweet, but

We will follow you
Just so we can DM
Like the Latin phrase goes
We will crappe diem
We will follow you
Flush your tweets down the loo

In truth we are a bore
Your tweets we will ignore
Please try not to be sore
If we DM you some more


Repeat and fade and hope the bots and spammers do the same. 🙂


SAF 2012


Sandminer Canteen


Seriously Merry Christmas

Sadgit (TM) was a character I came up with years ago to see if it was true that you could, in fact, laugh at anything. If you’re feeling down, if you’ve had a rough or tough year or if you’re just suffering from a case of the winter blues, hope this provided a chuckle.

Have yourselves a Merry Christmas! See you in a bright, beautiful 2011!



Who’s Got Talent 4

Click on the thumbnails for the full view. And once again, have yourselves a Happy Christmas!

See you in the New Year.

SAF 2009


Who’s Got Talent 3

Click on the thumbnails for the larger pics.

SAF 2009


Who’s Got Talent 2

Click on the thumbnails for the larger views.

SAF 2009

Evil UnLtd

Galaxy Six Broadcasting


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